About me

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Hi, I’m Karen and I run Sunshine Therapies, which offers energy healing for the mind, body and spirit.

I am originally from Australia but now live in Bali with my husband Steve and our small dog Bundy.  We moved to Bali in October 2015 and have been enjoying the change of pace and serenity this move has brought to us.  We have found a peace here that we were unable to find while working and living in Australia.  Australia is a beautiful country that we love dearly but we needed some space to work on our own limitations and attitudes – Bali has provided that space.

Primarily, I have set up this website as a forum for my blog, 365 Days of New… A new year, a new life, each day a blank page, creating and writing my own story.  My motivations on intentionally trying, doing, starting or learning something new each day, and then writing about it, are outlined in the first blog I wrote -365 days of new.  I felt it was time to stretch my comfort zone and really start creating my life.

As the website progressed I got a little braver and decided that it should also showcase my art and photos as well.  I guess you would call me a novice artist, so the thought of displaying my art publicly is a little daunting.  I have only been painting since about 2013.  I started by learning still life acrylics from my friend and mentor, Karen Nasteski from Karen Nasteski Art in Eumundi, Queensland.  She is a great teacher and I am eternally grateful to her for bringing my creative side out of hiding.

I am absolutely a novice photographer as well.  My first DSLR camera was given to me for my birthday just before we moved to Bali. I am still learning to use this camera and use it mostly as a point and shoot.  Learning how to use the camera properly is on my ‘learn to’ list for 2017.  I do, however, love taking photos the best way I can right now.

Most of my adult life I have worked as a corporate accountant.  This role paid well but really didn’t nourish my soul.  In 2007, I took a leap and studied for a Certificate IV in Fitness.  For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in nutrition and wellness (both spiritual and physical).  I had enjoyed going to the gym and getting fit and healthy but found that I could not find any female trainers my own age, or even close.  My ultimate goal was to open a fitness facility with a view to helping women stay healthy and fit in the long term.  Unfortunately, I played it ‘safe’ and bought into a franchise fitness facility in 2010.  This didn’t pan out the way I hoped and, after 4 and half years, I had to close the business and go back into the corporate world as an accountant.

In the meantime, over a period of several years, I studied many modalities for holistic health and spiritual connection, including kinesiology, reiki, medical intuition, Australian Bush Flower Essences, crystal therapy, angel intuition and holistic pulsing.  I have enjoyed learning about all of these modalities and reading about many more.  This is the stuff of magic.

Mostly, right now though, I am enjoying creating… just whatever, whenever.  Whether it is a piece of art, a dream catcher or a photo of something that inspires me.  Right here, right now, this is where I am at.

Grateful for another day.